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Please Note: The Application For Boat Slip section is an online form that you can fill out and submit. The remainder of the forms are PDF files, some of the PDF files that will load when you select an item below are a bit large so if the document does not immediately display give it a few seconds to load. If your browser is not capable of loading an embedded PDF a link will be provided to display the PDF in another browser tab (DOWNLOAD PDF).

Computer (Windows/Mac): to save any of the PDF files below, depending upon your browser, a tool-bar should display inside the box displaying the PDF, to save, you should see a save icon (usually a disk icon) click and save to a location on your computer. To print the PDF, there should be a printer icon, click the icon and a printer dialog window should display. If you do not see the tool-bar, move you mouse over the PDF and it should appear.

Mobile Devices: the PDF will not display on the page, you will see an Open or Download button where the PDF would normally display on a computer, tap Open or Download, the PDF will display in a new window. Options will be different, Android vs. iPhone, they however will be similar, there should be a button/option available to Save or Print the PDF.

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