Please provide the following with your application: 1. A recent photograph of the vessel. 2. A copy of the State Registration or Documentation. 3. A copy of the declarations page of your insurance policy (minimum $500,000 liability coverage). If you do not have all of the documents available, please select and send what you have by attaching them to this form, otherwise select I will provide this information later.

* Designated boat slip locations are subject to change as determined by the Board of Directors and/or Dock Master. Initial annual slip fee is $145/year, and is subject to change. All boat owners must study the posted Manatee Protection Plan posted at the Pool Building, and must Obey all Federal, State and local ordinances as described in the Lee County Boater's Guide, 4th Edtion. Failure to do so may result in additional fines. Typing your name in the signature box below is your electronic signature and is an acknowledgement that you have read, reviewed and understand the above described documentations, and agree to comply with local regulations. Failure to do so may result in denial of a slip.